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09- 4/8/21

I'm going to get my driver's license very soon. I must say, I'm very excited. Frankly, I'm not the hugest fan of driving around in cars, especially as someone (like most people) who doesn't own an electric car. I bike most places now, and while imagine the car giving me far more freedom, I think I will continue to bike most places even with it.

Of course, there is the possibility that I won't pass. I don't think it's very high, since I'm a pretty good driver, but from what I've heard from my friends, it's a very real possibility even regardless of my skill. But my mom has always said that the smartest people she knows failed their driving test on the first try, so I suppose it is a win-win situation. Either I get the freedom that I lacked (as expressed in the post several days ago) or I am verified in the eyes of my mom.

But... I'm almost 18. Technically I could have gotten my license almost two years ago at this point. For the longest time, I really didn't want to get it (which I would think is evident by my not having it). I protested that I wanted to live in cities with public transportation, that I could ride my bike anywhere, that others could drive me, but at the core I think it was because I was scared.

I have a weird, unrequited fear of horses. I would call it equinophobia, except that our good friend Sigmund Freud sullied that word. Seeing as I don't have daddy issues, I'd rather not use it. Instead, let's just say that horses pack a punch, and seeing the way that they kick makes me wonder at just how soft a skull is.

That fear must have translated into something with cars, since while I certainly didn't feel afraid of getting behind the wheel actively, it was something I avoided.

Nevertheless, I'm glad for that period of my life to be (almost) over. Soon I can go to a friends house whenever I so wish.

Good hunting.

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