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013 - 4/22/2021

So I'm going back to school tomorrow for the first time in over a year.

And let me tell you... I'm very excited. I was always one of those freaks of nature who likes school. Honestly I don't think it reflects anything 'innate' about me, but rather how I was raised. I never received a grade before middle school, and so I was pushed to enjoy school and see learning as a fun thing, rather than as something spurned by the lash of grades. Surprisingly, that has continued to this day, even despite the pressure-cooker environment of my private college preparatory high school. In fact, what I'm looking for most in a college is probably people, the particular kind of people who will stay up until four in the morning discussing what they learned in class, the kind of people who want to help you with your work not just because they are kind, or enjoy your presence, but just because they love doing that work.

This year has been... challenging, to say the least, for the continuation of that mindset. The majority of my classes being AP, there is often drive solely for the focus of the exam next month. That being said, I like AP classes the most: I find them the most interesting and engaging classes, and the material is difficult enough that I never get bored. Except, of course, when the teacher bores me.

That's what has made the year challenging. Not the online format (though it contributed), and not the difficulty of my course load, but some of the teachers I have. Let me preface this by saying that I love the majority of my teachers. I am thoroughly engaged in every one of my classes except for one. That being said, I am excited to go back in person because hopefully, hopefully, that one teacher will be far better in person than online. I certainly hope so, because I elected to have him again next year.

Socially, though, is the aspect I'm looking forward to the most. As an only child with a mother working across the country, my house can often feel pretty lonely (I like to call myself a 'lonely child' - only partially joking). I have a bunch of friends that I love, but it's not the same seeing them once a week in person or multiple times a week online. I used to get the majority of my social fix from school, and I hope I will have that opportunity again before the summer.

So I'll report more on it tomorrow. Ultimately, though, what I'm most excited for is the food. They have these really good breakfast burritos at school, and my lunch diet over the past year has basically been limited to yogurt, hummus burritos, and turkey and cheese sandwiches, so I'm excited to branch out again (I'll probably have yogurt there though).

Good hunting.

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