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07 - 4/6/21

I went today to get boba. It was pretty good boba. For those of you who don't know (how? Have you been living under a rock?), boba is an addition to Japanese milk tea of little balls of tapioca. It's a rather strange sensation of drinking: one moment you'll have sweet milky tea, and the next a small rubbery ball flies into your mouth.

It was strange being outside for the first time in a while. Since I returned to L.A, I haven't been out to any stores or restaurants. I had to buy a bike inner tube, so I went out and got that, then swung over to boba. It really feels like people are over this whole pandemic. I understand that probably most of that is due to the fact that many who don't wear masks now are vaccinated, but even the kids my age that I see out often are fine with taking masks off inside. Personally, I go person by person. With some of my friends, as well as adults, I tend to keep my mask on and stay social distanced, especially inside. But with other friends, particularly those from school, I have gotten comfortable once again being in close proximity to people. I too am excited for this all to end.

The boba was good, but I got the wrong straw, and as a result I drank all the milk tea first and ate all the tapioca second. Having a massive pile of boba in my stomach was not the greatest sensation.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because it was late and I felt like I should post something.

Good hunting.

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