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06 - 4/5/21

This site is now officially listed on Google! Before, anyone who managed to stumble their way onto this must have come from my Instagram, where I posted its link, or from the fiery depths of hell. There is still a lot I have to do to get it properly up and running, and I like to roll out with these kinds of things gradually, not all at once, but this is certainly a big step in the growth of this blog. Currently I think approximately 0 people read it, so honestly there's no going anywhere but up.

My topic today will be mathematics, and the absolute beauty which is inherent in its many obscure laws. Of course, many on the internet are not interested whatsoever in mathematics, but I urge even them to stick around for this. You may not understand exactly what I'm talking about, but you will certainly see something interesting.

There's an identity in math called the most beautiful identity in all of the subject: e^pi*i +1 = 0. I wish I could properly use a math keyboard to type it out in its beauty, but alas, I cannot, so you must be satisfied with this work. Let's explain it.

This identity relates three wildly different numbers--e, pi, and i--to form something completely rational. Pi I am sure most of us know: the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, though it shows up in a number of other locations (3.1415...). In this case, pi represents an angle, 180 degrees, but in radians, which is a measurement of the arclength of a circle. E some others may know, depending on how far they've progressed in their math lives. It is a constant (2.71828...) which shows up everywhere when discussing exponentials. Particularly interesting is that in calculus, e is important as the function f(x)=e^x is one of only two functions where its derivitive--the instantaneous slope at a point--is exactly equal to the value of the function itself. But I find the most interesting of the three i, which is a made up number. It is the square root of -1, and technically doesn't exist, but has been defined and used by mathematicians anyways.

Somehow, two irrational numbers and an imaginary one can combine to make -1. It is amazing, and a great demonstration of the beauty of mathematics.

There is much more in the mysteries of math, but I'll leave that to a later date. Until then, I wish you all well, and as always...

Good hunting.

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