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01 - 3/30/21

As I scoured the internet for a good profile picture for this site, I came across something which radically challenged my perception of the world: a style banner with the words "Monday Musings" imprinted on it. I overstate this sight's impact on me, of course, but it was enlightening nonetheless.

My grandpa Rod sends out a weekly email chain of "Monday Musings," little anecdotes or thoughts which never fail to interest and engage the reader. As far as I know, he has done this his entire life, though it is far more likely to have just started as of his retirement. My encounter with that same title, "Monday Musings," on the internet changed how I thought of my grandpa's writing. Before, it had seemed to me that he was the genius who had invented this short, cute style of prose as a gift to all of us; now I realize instead that he was merely one of a community of such writers. It doesn't upset me. The creativity was never in the idea of the writings, but in the ideas of the writing, if you understand me. I am excited now as I seek to follow his footsteps that I will join an avid community of like-minded musers.

Which is indeed what I intend to do.

This blog will serve as a way to get my voice out into the world, a more modern take than that of my grandfather, but with the same goal in mind. I want others to see, think, and hopefully laugh about what I say. Because of my relative boredom during the whole Covid period, and possibly because of my ego, I want to leave the idea of "Monday Musings" behind in favor of a larger "Daily Musings" (as one might be able to guess if they look at a calendar--today is a Tuesday!) No doubt there are others who have done this as well, so I hope to join them.

I have much more that I want to say, but I think it best to leave that to another day(s).

Good hunting everyone!

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