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Visual Studio Code Succinctly

A reliable source editor is essential for writing code succinctly and efficiently. Visual Studio for Mac provides a sophisticated source editor that is at the center of your interactions with the IDE. The source editor provides features that you might expect and need to do your work with ease: From the basics such a syntax highlighting, code snippets, and code folding, to the benefits of its Roslyn compiler integration, such as fully functional IntelliSense code completion.

Visual Studio Code Succinctly

With the "Highlight identifier references" option is enabled, you can select any symbol in the source code and the source editor will provide a visual guide to all other references in that file. To turn on this option, go to Visual Studio > Preferences > Text Editor > Markers and Rulers and select Highlight identifier references, as illustrated in the following image:

Before you ask: I cannot succinctly tell you the major differences between code-server and OpenVSCode Server. offers images for both. Based on some chatter in their Discord, I ultimately chose OpenVSCode Server. Your mileage may vary.

All of these improvements and advances are academic until you can actually generate some output, so that's next on my list. In order to cut to the chase and get us to a "v5 vs. v6" decision as quickly as possible, without getting mired in all of the complexities of targeting a specific toolset, I'm planning to build a JSON export module over the new code. (This is something I've wanted in the past to assist with tooling, automation and visualization anyway.) That should allow me to quickly build out the scaffolding and APIs required by all exporters, as well as provide a good testbed for bringing the remaining features online as we move ahead. Feedback on that approach, or alternative suggestions, are welcome. 041b061a72


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