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Thai Ladyboy Big Cock ((LINK))

Meet the lovely Ladyboy Sara from Bangkok. She is not a regular in the sex district area of Bangkok but instead runs a small food cart outside a local school. However, at night she known to go out on the hunt for a horny guy to play with. So when she is in the mood she would be a part-time Freelancer. You will actually see a lot of that in Thailand especially before the pandemic. Obviously, things have changed now but things are starting and I mean just starting to get back to normal. I think it will be a long time before we have the red district areas of Bangkok and they surely will never be the same. A lot of the ladyboys have regular jobs and many are in university just like everyone else and some of those ladyboys live normal lives while others might dip there tops in the freelancing world for some fun.

thai ladyboy big cock

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Sara is stunning and she could be a top ladyboy easily in the industry if she decided to do more shoots on a regular basis. Only time will tell if she decides to do so. She is very tall standing at 180cm in height with long legs, amazing ass and yes she has a very nice cock. Her cock is just a great size, thick and long and easily pumped up for hours of enjoyment. She is versatile so she can do anything you feel like doing but she hopes you like to cum together that really turns her on. In fact it turns her on so much she can often go a second round instantly, but she will wait for you to warm up if need be. 041b061a72


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