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3 Rec Room Mod Menu Pc

The watch menu can be activated by looking at your wrist and can only be seen by you. (In case you have checked "Tap watch to open menu" in the Experience tab of the settings, you also have to tap your wrist/watch with your other hand.) (If you are playing in the non-VR mode, the watch can be accessed by pressing the Tab key.) The menu provides many useful functions that will make your Rec Room experience more fun and convenient.

3 rec room mod menu pc


The different functions can be navigated by selecting the buttons using the laser pointer or the index finger of your other hand. Most buttons bring up menus that are described below. The exceptions are the "^DormRoom" button, which sends you to your Dorm Room, the "^RecCenter" button, which sends you to the Rec Center, and the "Exit" button, which ends the game.

A larger version of the menu is available with the maximise button (second from right in the top, right corner; not shown in the picture). You may also lock the menu in place by pressing the "drop" button on your controller (see Basic Controls). This will cause the menu to float in space so you don't have to keep holding your arm up.

By pressing the "Settings" option in the top right, you will be brought to a menu that allows you to change your Profile Picture, Display Name, Username, About Me, Pronouns, Identity, and toggle recent activity to friends. You can also change your email, phone number, and password from here.

By tapping the gear icon in the top, right corner of the main watch menu, you switch to the settings menu. There are four tabs containing settings with a large number of options you can change, detailed below:

The Details tab provides information about a built-in #RecRoomOriginal Game or a Custom Room that you are in. Depending on your Permissions in a room, more or less actions are allowed in this tab. You might be able to:

The "Publish Room" button opens a page that allows you to set the name, description, and 3 Room Tags for a room before your publish it. You can also allow other players to copy the room (i.e., make a new room that they own, which contains a cloned version of everything in your room) and specify which types of movement (Walk VR, Teleport VR, and Screen Mode) are supported by the room, whether Junior players are allowed in the room, and whether the microphone auto mute is active in the room.

The Permissions button opens an overview of the various built-in permissions (formerly known as "room roles"), i.e., "Creator", "Co-Owner", "Host", "Everyone" else, and the (noneditable) "Defaults". You can assign permissions to any of your friends by tapping the people button next to the specific permissions. The "Only show my permissions" checkbox shows all your permissions. If your current permissions specify different values for the same setting, the top-most permissions take precedence.

Players who "Can Revive Self?", "Can Start Games?" and "Can End Games Early?" will have corresponding buttons in their Game Options.The auto-assigned game roles in the Misc tab allow you to assign specific (game) Roles (by name; ignore the "#") to players with specific permissions as soon as they enter an instance of a room. For example, you could add a (game) role that allows flying and auto-assign it to the "host" permissions such that all hosts can fly.

The "Roles" button opens a list of all roles of the room (formerly known as "game roles"). Roles define the capabilities of a player in a room based on the current state of the player in a room (e.g., being eliminated because of no health). Roles can change based on events such as the game start or with the Role Mapper chip. The standard game roles are: "Eliminated", "In-Game", everyone else in the room, and the (noneditable) "Defaults". Properties of roles are defined with the Role chip. The "Show only my roles" checkbox shows all of your current roles. If your current roles specify different values for the same setting, the top-most role takes precedence.

The Meetup tab allows you to create a Meetup Code and Meetup Link that you can send to other players to easily meet in a private room. On most platforms, invited players have to enter the Meetup Code in the Play Menu; on iOS, invited players can just click on the link.

The four tabs of the people menu allow you to show the list of other players in the same room, players you have befriended, players you have been in a room with recently and people you have subscribed to. You can also search for other players by their name. With the blue "+" button, you can invite a player to your room.

The Notifications tab lists your most recent notifications that may require your attention, such as friend requests, friends coming online, invitations to rooms, requests for an invitation to your room, votes to kick/report other players in your room, or errors that Rec Room may experience.

The challenges menu contains your daily and weekly Challenges. You earn tokens for completing each daily challenge and a token bonus for completing all of them. Hovering over the challenge text provides more detailed information about the challenge.

The Clubs menu allows you to find groups of people who have the same interests/topics/reasons as you. There are multiple categories of clubs to choose from, such as casual, competitive, creative and fan clubs with many more being made.

Screen mode allows players to play Rec Room on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, iOS and Android devices without VR headset but with a keyboard, mouse, DualShock 4 controller, DualSense controller or Xbox One/Xbox 360 controller. #RecRoomOriginal Games and Custom Rooms with the #screen Room Tag allow players in screen mode to enter the room. The #pickup Room Tag means that screen mode players and all VR players are allowed to enter a room.

The default maker pen in 3D Charades (which is also available in the Palette) is a simplified, red version of the maker pen that allows you to create tubes, boxes, and spheres (more precisely: ellipsoids) in various colors, which you can select in the maker pen menu. No other functions of the maker pen are available for this version.

To open the maker pen menu in VR mode, you have to rotate the maker pen such that you look directly at its top. Sometimes this doesn't work and you have to drop the maker pen and pick it up again to make the menu appear.

In Screen Mode, to open the maker pen menu, you have to hold a maker pen and open the maker pen menu via the Shortcuts menu (the icons in the top bar on iOS). (In Screen Mode, the maker pen menu that opens by rotating the maker pen is not functional.)

To stop "Edit mode" (and activate "Object mode"), tap "Done Editing" at the bottom of the maker pen menu or drop the maker pen. Once "Edit mode" is stopped for a maker pen object, all its shapes move together. If you now create a new shape, that shape will be part of a new maker pen object without affecting the other maker pen object that is no longer in "Edit mode". To activate "Edit mode" for a maker pen object again, use the Edit button. As mentioned, this button is not available if the maker pen is already in "Edit mode" for another object. In this case, you have to stop "Edit mode" for the other object by tapping "Done Editing" first and then use the Edit button to activate "Edit mode" for the object that you want to edit.

There is a limited amount of shapes, objects, gadgets, and props that you can create with a maker pen in a room. The amount of remaining shapes is represented by the length of the ink/glue stick at the top of the maker pen and the bar at the top of the Palette. The available amount of shapes depends on several factors: other props in the room, the types of shapes, the length of ribbons and tubes, the number of maker pen objects, the modes of maker pen objects, etc. Note that the available amount of shapes neither depends on the size of shapes (except for the length of tubes and ribbons) nor on whether objects are frozen.

To open the maker pen menu, you have to rotate the maker pen such that you look directly at its top. You can select buttons of the maker pen menu in the same way as in the Watch Menu; i.e., by using your other controller to tap on the menu.

The Align checkbox is the left-most checkbox of 3 checkboxes at the top of the maker pen menu. (The icon shows a circle on top of a rectangle.) It activates a mode that helps to align the faces of the bounding box of an object that is being moved to the faces of cubes (and other objects) that are close to it. (This is useful, for example, to place objects flat on a floor even if the floor is not aligned with the snap grid.) The mode can be configured in the "Settings" tab of the Palette to also align edges of objects (in addition to aligning faces).

The World Space checkbox is the right-most checkbox of 3 checkboxes at the top of the maker pen menu. It specifies that the Move, Rotate, and Scale modes move/rotate/scale along or around axes in world space (i.e. the global axes of a room) instead of the local axes of a shape or object. The local axes of shapes are aligned with the boxes that are used when creating them. For maker pen objects that consist of multiple shapes, the local axes are determined by the first shape of the object (even if that no longer exists).

Selecting objects or shapes will usually bring up a "Options" label. Pointing at this label and pulling the trigger will open a context menu that depends on the selection. Currently, the following functions are accessible in this way:

You can merge the shapes of two or more maker pen objects into one maker pen object by selecting the objects; then pointing at the "Options" label that appears next to the selected objects and then pulling the trigger. This will open a menu that allows you to choose "Merge Shapes". One important reason to merge the shapes of multiple maker pen objects into one maker pen object is to save ink.

You can split a maker pen object in "Edit mode" by selecting one or more shapes that you want to split into a new maker pen object; then pointing at the "Options" label that appears next to the selected shapes and then pulling the trigger. This will open a context menu that allows you to choose "Split Shapes". 041b061a72


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