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Underage Euro Com Helen Set 21

the most common reason given for not drinking was that one felt embarrassed about drinking alcohol (55%). other reasons included feeling embarrassed about the consequences of drinking (21%), and feeling embarrassed about ones own drinking behaviour (13%). among ads that depicted the negative health and safety effects of underage drinking, the proportion that explained the negative effects of drinking to the viewer was higher than the proportion that discussed the role of adults as role models for drinking behaviour (33% vs. 27%). a similar pattern was observed among ads that explained the role of adults as role models for drinking behaviour, among ads that included advice about how to change the behaviour and among ads that included health information about the negative effects of underage drinking (53% vs. 28% vs. 23%).

underage euro com helen set 21

on the other hand, the figure of the unaccompanied minor came to represent a growing threat to the welfare state, which was ill-equipped to cope with this new category of migrants. in some national newspapers, the unaccompanied minor was described as a group of people with substandard education or mental health problems (see the daily telegraph 2015, see also fuchs 2016 ). in other media, unaccompanied minors were portrayed as economic migrants who were engaging in the dangerous business of illegal working to make ends meet. the stereotyping of the migrant as a fraudulent youth became ubiquitous in the wake of the summer of displacements and the great recession, when child-like migrants flooded into europe in search of jobs. this unmet demand was blamed for a number of phenomena, ranging from the arrival of human trafficking gangs and the out-of-control smuggling of children across europe to the increased illegal migration of unaccompanied minors. as a result of these narratives, unaccompanied minors came to be identified as an economic threat to the welfare states which were struggling to cope with the growing economic demands of the recession.

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